As an artist, filmmaker and photographer, the first steps when exploring a topic are writing and reading. It takes long to work through a work complex hence all of my works are long term projects. When they are ready to exhibit, they have crystallized through years of both theoretical and practical research. Often they are published or exhibited at different stages of progress. At any point in time I am working on about 10-15 projects at the same time. I am currently devising the structure of a novel.

Being an activist and advocate for children's rights as a teenager has influenced my artistic work as an adult. Especially works that are dealing with, or are inspired by, my biography are meant to be read as encouragements to view ones own life in the larger context of societal and familial networks. A lot of my work is trauma informed.

My main goal in all of my artistic research and practical work is to consider supporting structures of facts and situations - for instance historic events - and make them visible, bring them from obscurity to light for examination.