<p>2016<br />
CVs (working title)</p>

This is a project done as Pimp My Exhibit

B.P. Schuett/Lars Preisser

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CVs project is going to be a searchable database that connects contemporary artists. The project seeks to make visible and explore the complex relationships within the art field between artists, art schools and institutions. We have started collecting contemporary artistsí names that have appeared in art exhibitions since the year 2000. Through analyzing the biographies of artists we collect data such as exhibition spaces, art schools, residencies, fellowships, curators. With the inception of the database, the collected data will be fed into a specially designed search engine that enables the user by the means of selectors to find artists that share these points of reference. An example: four artists have appeared together in an exhibition at the KW Berlin. Two of them have received a grant by the Edith-Russ-Haus, of whom one has studied at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. The third of the four artists has also studied at the Academy in Leipzig, and has received a production grant from the state of Berlin, which also the fourth artist has received who has studied at the University of the Arts Berlin*. So far this is a mere, elaborate, statement. However, we expect that the sheer transparency and easy comparability of artistsí lives will become a gradual unearthing and subsequent exposition of the structures that carry contemporary art. This exposition in return will shed light on how careers are formed by the help of relationships that lead to exhibitions, grants and so on. Our plan is to continue our foundation research with a commissioned programmer alongside our first batch of collected artist names. We will discuss with the programmer the design and programming of a search engine. If a user for instance searches for an artist, the displayed results will include all linked artists, which means they can be linked by school, grant, scholarship etc. Furthermore, should a user search for a school this search will not only yield all student names that have studied at that school but will also provide further links between those students, like received grants, venues where these artists have exhibited and so on. The database needs to be structured in a way so that all facts for any one artist are linked with each other but also allow for new facts to be linked, and new categories to be added and subsequently linked.

With CVs project we want to create an experiment to include as many working artists of the years 2000 - 2017 as possible. The project will be released as a coherent and self contained project. However, we hope to be able to further work on it and analyze the data scientifically if we find additional support. The database will also be ready for continuation..