In the beginning of July my proposal for an installation at the upcoming Up in Arms exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien was approved. Because in this space I want to promote transparency in an increasingly exclusive art world I will add that this project is funded by the nGbK so the artist's fee and production costs are covered.

In other news the project MdbK[mobil] by the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig has gone public and can be found in the announcements of the museum's website: http://www.mdbk-mobil.de/
I am making 7 illustrations from April - October 2019 for the local paper 'Gemeindeblick' of the municipality Thallwitz in the name of MdbK[mobil].

E-mails that have been circulating lately under the name Pimp My Exhibit are not authored by me.

Pimp My Exhibit is an art improvement agency that has been in operation since 2016.


A proposal that I have made in the open call ("Neue Heimat on the road") for the 2025 European Cultural Capital bid by the city of Dresden, Saxony about the Ore Mountain was sadly rejected (excerpts can be found here.) I was very dissappointed because the research that went into my proposal amounts to 5 years of intellectual and physical work.

I have decided to not only use this space for publishing positive news (see below) but also other information like rejections and other relevant developments in my artistic trajectory.

Neue Gesellschaft fuer bildende Kunst (nGbK) announced the winning entrys of the competition Up in Arms/Art in the Underground (Up in Arms/Kunst im Untergrund).
Forensic Inventory Excavations will be exhibited as a site-specific public art installation of 6 billboards displayed at the metro station Berlin-Stadtmitte.
My participation is awarded with 4000EUR. Production expenses in order to realize the concept will also be covered.

In addition, I am devising a new installation for the Up in Arms exhibition to propose to the curating team. The exhibition and accompanying public art displays will be held from September 28 - December 15.
Update 09.07.2019Partial 'We' not found have agreed on a new installation for the exhibition.

23.04.2019, updated 24.04.2019

I am currently in the process of writing the first draft of a comedy based on my biography utilising the storytelling technique developed during the Forensic Inventory Excavations project.

I put up a new description text for the Forensic Inventory Excavations project.

In short, it is a storytelling tool box.

Documentation Report is shown in the International Competition Super 8/16 on 23 March at Dresdner Schmalfilmtage.

In other news I have updated my artist's statement, which has been a constant work in progress since the inception of this page.
In the future, I would like it to resemble a mission statement, with my future goals and plans stated. As it is, it was hard enough to define my current process. After 5 years of art school I may have finally found a somewhat fitting approach.

Currently I am working on an essay film that merges elements of the long term research I've done both for TRADITION and Forensic Excavations Inventory. It is supposed to be finished for my graduation in July as well perhaps shown in a slot at Fotofestival Arles.

Also, for some time now my CV has been listing (some of) my failures next to my accomplishments and biographical facts. For the longest time I have been in conversation with Lars Preisser about the possibility of the artist's CV as a storytelling tool. Lars and I have already been collaborating on a few occasions as the dialectic consultation Pimp My Exhibit.

The idea of the CV as a site of storytelling is the nuclear idea and has the potential to expand into a multimedia work. So far we have made several project sketches.
As a start, we collected and analyzed hundreds of artist's CVs from our immediate surroundings, colleagues, friends and professors. By tracing the schools and supporting institutions we wanted to understand the connecting points that exist between the careers of these artists.
The motivation is to make transparent the social and economic dynamics that drive the art world opposed to the current narratives available.