<p>2016<br />
Binary Beuys feat. Destiny's Choice (Remix): part 0 and part 1</p>

I have separated the respective No's and Yes' from two audio works.
One is the song 'No no no' from 1999 by Destiny's Child, a pop group headed by Beyonce, the other is the art work 'Ja ja ja Ne ne ne' by Joseph Beuys from 1968.
The results are two tracks. One is comprised of all the Yes', the other is made up of all of the No's of the songs.
The respective No's and Yes' by Beuys and Beyonce in their songs are mixed in two mono channels and meant to be listened to with head phones.

If represented in the binary code, 'Yes' would be represented by the number 1 and 'No' by the number 0.

click here for the audio work this remix is derived from: Binary Beuys