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CVs Project</p>

This is a project by Beatrice Peter Schuett and Lars Preisser

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CVs project is a search engine, a program that displays the networks and relationships of artists. Education, social circles, side jobs, fellow artists you have worked with, etc. With CVs we want to make the art world more transparent and collaborative. Instead of your individual lists of success stories, divided in scholarships, awards, galleries, CVs will be a database, an insight into the situation in which artists are working today. Instead of promoting only individuals we will learn about the connections. People help each other all the time and we, as artists and curators, workers in the field, will better understand how careers are built in this system. What were the important steps for those that have made it? By connecting all these known and unknown artists it will improve the art world, make it easier to comprehend and navigate, make it less competitive, more diverse, more communal and social.