Beatrice Peter Schuett

1986 born in Sofia, Bulgaria to Armenian-Bulgarian family
1990 emigrated to Berlin, Germany


Oct 2016 - present: Academy of Fine Arts, class expanded cinema, Prof Clemens von Wedemeyer, Media Arts, Leipzig, DE
Nov 2015 - June 2015: guest listener in Hito Steyerl's Media Arts class lensbased, University of the Arts, Berlin, DE
Oct 2014 - Oct 2016: Bauhaus-University, Fine Arts, Weimar, DE
Sep 2013 - Sep 2014: Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Fine Arts, The Hague, NL


2017 HGB Studienpreis (Award of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, catalogue)

Curatorial Projects:

2015 production of group show, Erzgebirgisches LaserAtomKraftwerk mit Pigmentfenster, SUW, Berlin, DE


2017 Titanik Gallery, Turku, FI (publication)
2016 Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, NL

Together with Lars Preisser under the name Pimp My Exhibit:

2017 partner of DeLight Art-Festival
2016 solo event, Pimp My Exhibit, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, NL
2016 solo event, Pimp My Exhibit, SUW, Berlin, DE

Screenings, selection:

2017 Voice Of Doxa, Glogauair/Zona Dynamic/Berlin Art Week, Berlin
2016 Miden Screenings/Kalamata Street Festival, 28 July - 31 July, Kalamata, GR
2016 Mux: Asheville Video Art Festival, NC, USA

Group Exhibitions, selection:

2017 Cultural Memory, HGB Gallery, Leipzig
2017 HGB Studienpreis (Award of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig)
2014 performance, Rayuela, Salone del Mobile Milano, IT


2018 HGB Studienpreis (Award of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig)
2017 Titanik Galleria annual preview publication 2012 cover, interview and portrait for Sergant Sparrow magazine

Internships and activities relevant to art practice, selection:

2002 - 2003 four-month internship with journalist and author Beate Krol
2002 six-month internship at youth charity organisation Karuna e.V. online editorial office Zeitdruck, interviews with youth and social workers, documentation
2002 editing assistant and performer for TV documentary, "Tatort Kind: Gewalt die aus der Kaelte kommt" by Bernd Dost (premiere Bayerischer Rundfunk, 30/01/2003)
2001 - 2004 participation in youth rights organization K.R.AE.T.Z.AE. , lectures at seminars and conferences in Germany, Tokyo and Copenhagen, cooperation in campaigns, projects, and cinema spots


'My work is usually multi-medial and situated within the concept of migration of ideas. For instance, taking the figurative supporting structure from one concept or event in history and applying it to another one from a completely different field. Whenever I do that, I am striving to make visible the connections and similarities, to see whether they are able to teach us something important that otherwise we couldn't have found out. Ultimately, I am interested in how things came to be, how our societies around the world, our customs, our history came into existence. I am interested in the way we as a collective have told and continue to tell ourselves the folklore of how things come into existence. I am also interested in disclosing again and again how the media and history as a discipline simultanously separate and unite us, according to our own world view. Because in our internal, and our collective narration of the world lies the key to how we perceive the world on the one hand, and how we will take action to shape it to our own ideas on the other.

My growing up and familial history is permeated by displacement and the recurring creation of double identities. With my own Armenian/Bulgarian/German background, I am attempting to rebuild a past that to me looks disheveled and fragmented. Technology, cultural anthropology, sociology, music, psychology, education, cinema and architecture are disciplines in which I am looking for structures of which I take bits and scraps to build new narratives, identities and architectures in the broadest sense. Art to me is a collective effort, it is a lot about working together, organizing and narrating.'

Beatrice Peter Schuett, 2018


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